Shuttle Services

Chicago’s Shuttle Bus Service – A Five Star Experience

Relying on parking and the public transportation services in Chicago, Illinois, means your employees and guests are in for a headache. Hours are lost every single day through commuting or walking through nearly a mile of parking, so why not make it easier with a private bus rental in Chicago?

Five Star Valet offers private shuttle bus services for events and businesses around Chicago, Illinois. When paired with our valet parking services, our event transportation services can make your organization or business appear more well-organized and accessible to employees or guests.

A parking valet attendant wearing a red jacket is handing a yellow piece of paper to a man stepping out of a black vehicle.

Special Event Transportation

Imagine a scenario where your event guests have to spend a long day walking around at a festival or fair this summer. They are going to feel tired after hours of standing around in the heat, and even more so when they need to walk nearly a mile back to their vehicle.

You don’t want their last memory of your event to be due to the stress of dealing with a grueling walk and traffic in your parking lot.

To save them from this additional stress, you should consider Five Star Valet’s shuttle services with your event.

Similar to our valet parking services, our professional shuttle drivers will make sure all guests are transported to the venue or parking lot as safely and efficiently as possible. Here are several additional benefits of enlisting our shuttle services for your event:

  • Save your guests from added stress during your event.
  • Guests will have more time and energy to spend at your event.
  • Group transportation to the venue and vehicles will cut down on traffic.
  • Provides more accessible accommodations

In addition to our shuttles and parking valets, we also offer traffic control services for your large-scale events. Our team comes fully equipped with cones, reflective vests, and the necessary equipment to control the flow of traffic. This opportunity is another way to keep your event well-organized.

Chicago’s Corporate Shuttle Services

Our event transportation services aren’t just limited to large-scale events like conferences and music festivals. We can also provide stress-free employee shuttle services to businesses across the Chicagoland area. Regardless of the weather, our professional drivers are happy to provide a covered ride and customized route between the office and your employees’ vehicles.

Our valet company can accommodate your shuttle needs with a two-passenger vehicle or a 40-person, full-size charter bus rental. Simply let us know how many people we need to transport, where they need to go, and how frequently our vehicles or coach buses need to make it. Our team is always ready to provide our shuttle services for you, regardless of how large your group might be.

Healthcare & Airport Shuttles

Outside of large-scale events and Chicago’s corporations, our valet and transportation company also offers shuttle services at airports and medical institutions throughout the area.

Without ground transportation readily available for guests, there is added stress to your airport or hospital trip that involves miles of walking to get back to your vehicle. Whether it’s a one-off occasion or a regular route, our staff is more than ready to offer hospital and airport transportation services.

Learn more about this in-demand service by contacting us now.

Schedule Your Shuttle Service In Chicago

Save money and energy by including a shuttle service during your next event! To schedule your shuttle service with us you need to know the following information:

  • The time(s) and date(s) you require event transportation
  • The location(s) where we will be picking up and dropping off individuals
  • The approximate number of individuals we will need to transport in a private vehicle or coach bus.

Once these items are established, our staff can provide you with a quote for our shuttle service.

Call our customer service team at (847) 312-6898 and get your free quote.