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Entertainment Venue Valets In Chicago, Illinois

The last thing you want your event guests to remember is how stressful it was trying to find a decent parking spot only to be followed by a long, tedious walk to and from your event. Five Star Valet can remove this unnecessary hassle and ensure that your guests make treasured memories from your event, and not all the aggravating inconveniences getting there.

Benefits Of Offering Valet Parking Services For Events

When it comes to event planning, everything is in the details. You’ve taken the time to research the best venue, the decor, the guests, and the speakers; don’t forget about parking. There are several advantages to offering Five Star Valet Services for your next special event.

Your Guests Feel Special

The first thing your guests will notice when arriving at your event is the valet parking. Offering valet parking tells your guests to go ahead and enjoy the party while we take care of the inconvenient stuff.

If You Park It, They Will Come

Sometimes a perk such as a valet parking service can make the ultimate difference when deciding to attend a special event. For a lot of people, just the thought of having to deal with searching for a parking spot causes them enough stress to decline an invitation.

Fewer Incidents

According to a CBS News report, 1 in every 5 accidents happen in a parking lot. Parking lots are an epicenter of stress. Between distracted drivers and pedestrians not paying enough attention, self-parking is a cocktail for disaster. You can reduce these added unpleasantries by providing valet parking at your next event.

Better Security

There isn’t a venue out there that is immune to petty crimes, accidents or other mishaps. By providing valet parking to your guests, you can decrease the risk of potentially dangerous situations. Valet parking will offer them an increased level of trust and security as they attend an event.

Less Aggravation = More Fun

Valet parking services not only cut down on annoying traffic and save your guests from additional stress, it gives your guests more time and energy to spend at your event.

Notable Venues We Have Serviced in Chicago, Illinois

Five Star Valet is proud to offer exceptional valet services to some of the finest event venues Chicago has to offer. In addition to being the exclusive valet company for several of Chicago’s notable businesses, music festivals, and private parties, we also provide event parking services for a variety of entertainment halls, festivals and other venues. Some of the most notable establishments that have used us for our entertainment venue and music hall valet parking services include:

Thalia Hall – 1807 South Allport Street, Chicago
SPACE – 1245 Chicago Avenue, Evanston
Aragon Ballroom – 1106 West Lawrence Avenue, Chicago
The Chicago Club – 81 East Van Buren Street, Chicago
Chicago Cultural Center – 78 East Washington Street, Chicago
The Art Institute of Chicago – 111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Five Star Valet can also offer traffic and parking management services for you and your guests. Learn more about that Here

Entertainment Venue Parking Services With Five Star Valet

Whether you are looking to host a convention downtown or a concert at one of Highland Park’s music venues, Five Star Valet will provide your guests with quality valet parking services.

Give us a call today to learn more about how you can schedule Five Star Valet to service your next event.