Entertainment Venues

When the Aragon Ball Room had a special event for Arie Crowne Hebrew Day School with a guest list of over 1,000 whom did they call upon!!

IMG_8536We are blessed to say Five Star Valet. I have had a special relationship with Kosher Catering Manager Faith Bugay and am proud to say not only did we successfully park 400+ Cars but kept people from waiting in those dreadful valet lines.

Thalia Hall is a landmark venue, designed as an opera house in 1892 and hosts concerts by well-known musical acts. As throughout the Pilson area parking can become challenging and somewhat seemingly impossible! That is when the owner’s of Thalia Hall reach out and Five Star Valet went to work. We coordinated with the city of Chicago and are proud to be part of such historic landmark.

IMG_9475IF the suburbs are more to your liking we provide services at SPACE In Evanston SPACE has brought thousands of world-class performances to Evanston audiences.  It’s an intimate venue that will leave you with a memorable experience. Five Star Valet will be waiting every Friday and Saturday at the front door for you!

Whether it’s a new space or landmark venue and parking has become a challenge please give me a call today to discuss you parking program.