2018 – Together We Made Valet Great Again!!!

Published on August 19th, 2019

I would like to share with you in “three” words our year end of 2017.

Fun – 19 full years in the valet parking industry and I can still say I truly love what we do. As the
demands of the industry has changed, we as a company have changed with it. But I’m proud to
say our passion still remains the same. If the goal to build a business is to help it get to the next
level of success, then you need to trust your core values, believe in your people and follow
through on what you say and your word is your bond. Five Star Valet managers and workers
have proved week after week that we truly are a leader in the event industry along with our
ongoing superior attention that is given to our weekly accounts.

Safe – To send a team of 20 valets on Michigan Ave in the heart of the city week after week and
service 100’s of cars with no issues is not only us following our safety protocell but valets
watching over one another. Five Star employees continue to watch one another’s backs and
working as a team allows us to deliver fast, effective and most importantly safe valet parking.
Being a veteran valet company comes with the cost of dealing with unwelcome situations. I
believe the people that we surround are selves with help combat these situations.
Unfortunately this year we had a valet get hit by a drunk driver. If there was ever a moment
where your heart stopped as an owner, this was it! Thankfully our valets called the police
immediately and stayed by the valet from the moment he was struck until he was released
from the hospital. Having a team that cares about one another is not called a company its called
a family.

Proud – To list just a few of our accomplishments:

  • Five Star Valet serviced over 400 events in 2017…… Yes that’s 400!
  • Retained our existing clients while adding new ones! “Thank You”
  • Was awarded A 2-year extension contract to service the Art Institute of Chicago on a daily basis
  • Contracted extended to service Northwestern University Evanston Location
  • Added our first 24/7 residential condominium building
  • Rehired by a very special client (Merion of Evanston) Thank you for believing that Five Star valet
    was always the right choice
  • Dedicated Managers working as a team to communicate and forecast problems before they
    occur. Along with always improving our customer relations.
  • Richard Driehause Fashion show over 200 + cars – Birthday Bash in Wisconsin 500 Cars!!!!
  • Last but not least and most important, the safety and health of my immediate Family along with
    my Five Star Family. I have truly been blessed with the two and I thank God daily for another
    safe & healthy year.

Thank you all again and I’m so excited about the great possibilities that 2018 will have for all of

Michael J Munao Jr.

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