Kyle Old Boot Johnson

Published on February 21st, 2013

There are certain employees that just make you smile…. Kyle is that essential smile for our company and was one of the first valets to put on a Five Star jacket. When the company first started Kyle stood by with a positive outlook always saying “ Relax Michael… everything is going to be ok!” or “you happy now!!!” after completing an important event. Perfection is something we always strive for and it is nice to know that I have someone like Kyle to always look at the bright side of a difficult task. July of 2008 we were awarded the contract with one of the finest nursing homes in Illinois. It was Kyle that took over managing the facility and before we knew it he warmed the hearts of the patients as well as caught the attention of the other facilities administrators. I believe that his lovable personality and daily attention to customer service paved the way to us running over 12 of their locations. Kyle has difficult job that some times goes unappreciated. Having to deal with the weekly employee check in’s and sometimes late night call offs Kyle handles these issues with ease. Having a family now and 2 small children its nice to know when I go to sleep Kyle is on the watch of one of our biggest clients. ….. I do still sleep with my phone though!

Love you brother and thanks for all the hard work over the past 15 years XOXO

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