Five Star Valet Did What In 2011?

Published on December 31st, 2011

Others can blog or tweet or Facebook we at Five Star Valet “PARK IT”. It took some time to get to this but in 2011 we valeted over 200 special events and have continued to grow. I first have to give credit to all the Five Star Valet employees. If it wasn’t for our continues strive for perfection and learning to adapt to all situations we wouldn’t of came this far. From the 400 cars parked at the admiral theater to the 20 cars at the small house parties we conducted ourselves with pride.

Special thanks to: Tom Stuba, Dan Zamora, Matt Macualn, Jose Ayala, Kyle The Old Boot Jonson, John O’Connor, Dan Brodie, Kevin Krownforst, Zack Maldonado, Jake Stuba, Tim Jones, Aman Patel, Alok Patel, Luis Galarza and Derick Czerniak.

I will always remember that one man cannot park 400 cars on his own. Thank you for all the hard work… I could do at least 100 though.

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